Daughters & Granddaughters is a small, UK based, female run, slow fashion brand. We sell beautiful, sustainably sourced and ethically made clothes for yoga, activity, rest, and casual wear. We donate 10% of our profits to charities supporting women's health research.


Our designs are inspired by simple joys. Moving the body. Conscious breath. Kindness. Stillness. Observing nature’s ebb and flow, waxing and waning, and cycles of birth and rebirth. They are a celebration of this constant change and the prana (life force) manifest in all things. They are a gentle reminder that you are a magnificent sacred being. They come to you with love. In fact, we see the design process as a kind of spiritual practice because SO MUCH LOVE, energy, joy, and focused intention goes into every piece.

We hope you feel that.

Our designs


We live in a society (patriarchy) that separates us from one another, Mama Nature, our own bodies, and our inner selves. It teaches us to compete, compare, and continually strive for the next thing (and then the next thing, and then the thing after that). It places profit above people and planet. Productivity is everything. Metrics are everywhere. Attention is a commodity. It’s all too easy to lose ourselves in the hustle. Work hard. Busyness is a virtue. Rest has to be earned. We are told what success looks like, what happiness looks like, and what our bodies should look like.

At D&GD, we burned our bras a long time ago.* We believe that everything is connected. We preach (and practice) compassion, creativity, and calling out injustice. We prioritise planetary health. Balance in everything. Simplicity everywhere. Attention is precious. Even when it’s not easy, we try to find presence. Breath deep. Rest well. And don’t forget to be. We think that success is personal, happiness is a work in progress, and every body is beautiful.

*If you like bras that’s cool too.


Daughters & Granddaughters is very much a passion project and labour of love. Founder Sophie is a Transpersonal Psychologist in sunny (sometimes) Devon. She noticed a gap in her wardrobe and wanted to fill it with something beautiful, without causing harm to Mama Earth. D&GD is her way of spreading a little bit of love and paying it forward – every purchase facilitates a donation to a charity supporting women's wellbeing.

We believe in full transparency and we are proud of what we do. So, if you want the full deets about what we do and how we do it, head to our Environment & Ethics page. You can read about the entire journey of your beautiful new purchase, including who did what and how.

Environment & Ethics

“It took me a little while to name my baby, but I was inspired by something my lovely granddad used to say. ‘This is my daughter and this is my granddaughter’ he would proudly announce to introduce my Mum and me (to anyone and everyone, anywhere we went!)…”



‘Daughters & Granddaughters’ channels Grampy Arthur’s pride. We are proudly female run. We are proud to celebrate the daughters and granddaughters in a world of ‘& sons’. And finally, we are proud to be part of something much bigger than ourselves. We are the daughters and granddaughters of generations of brave women (and men) who did their bit to make the world a better and fairer place. The work is not done, so we are proudly continuing it for our own daughters and granddaughters. This is why every D&GD purchase supports women’s health research.

Women's Health